Weekly Learning Activities

Even as school begins to gradually re-open from 1 June, we’ll continue to suggest some ideas for learning activities which children can work on, and which are specifically linked to the year group plans for the summer term. These suggestions from school supplement the activities available on the list of websites already recommended to parents.

Each week, class teachers will put together some learning guidance for their class which will be published on this web page each Sunday.

This is not intended to replicate or replace classroom teaching, but is some guidance and suggestions for learning which can be developed when the children return to school. Any work the children produce can be kept in a folder and then brought into school when we re-open.

We do not want these weekly suggestions to put additional pressure on parents, who may be happy using the recommended websites, but are simply some ideas for further research and practice, etc.

Please find the final home learning tasks below:

Nursery - 13.07.20

Class R - 13.07.20

Class 1 - 13.07.20

Class 2 - 13.07.20

Class 3 - 13.07.20

Class 4 - 13.07.20

Class 5 - 13.07.20

Class 6 - 13.07.20