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School Dinners

A cooked meal is prepared daily in the school’s own kitchen. Money is collected on a Monday at a cost of £2.30 per day. Alternatively, meals can be paid for in advance for a half term. Menus are displayed in the playground noticeboard. ‘Favourite Friday’ is popular with the children as each class in turn votes for their favourite meal that is served up on a Friday. Children may bring packed lunches with a still drink to school. We do not allow children to have fizzy drinks. Water is available for children throughout the day. Milk is an optional drink at extra cost.

In response to the healthy eating campaign, children are not permitted to bring sweets or nuts to school either for break time or packed lunch. We promote healthy eating through school meals and the curriculum, and we ask parents and carers to support this by providing healthy packed lunches when appropriate. When children are not having their mid-day meal, they are supervised in the playground by the supervisory assistants, unless the weather is inclement, in which case it is necessary for the children to remain in their classrooms.

Playtime Snack

Morning break is a good time for the children to fuel up with a healthy snack. We have a fruit only policy in school. The infants receive a free item of fruit daily as part of the National Fruit and Vegetable Scheme.