School Curriculum

Our Curriculum

School Curriculum information is listed on this page. Parents or other members of the public can find out more about the Curriculum our school is following by contacting the Headteacher.


At East Ayton Primary School, we use the Twinkl Phonics Programme, which offers a cohesive and whole school approach to the teaching of phonics from the beginning of Class R to Class Two, with further materials available as needed for children in Key Stage 2.  Children receive daily phonics lessons, which build on previous learning day on day to help them make rapid progress. Our daily phonics sessions are fun, involving lots of speaking, listening and games. The emphasis is on children’s active participation. They learn to use their phonic knowledge for reading and writing activities and in their independent play.

Alongside the phonics learning, we follow the Pearson Bug Club reading scheme from Class R to Class 6. We use this scheme for our guided reading texts and home readers. Children progress through the books and are encouraged to choose a range of texts to read.

Year Overviews

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