School Curriculum

About Our School Curriculum

With the introduction of the National Curriculum, the four core subjects, Mathematics, English and Science and Information Communications Technology( ICT), are taught throughout the school to each year group. In addition, children follow a planned programme of work in the National Curriculum foundation subjects. These include RE, Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE), Design Technology, Geography, History, PE, Music and Art and Design.

A new National Curriculum comes into force in September 2014 and the overview gives you an insight into the exciting projects your child will cover on their journey through Key Stage Two. Some of the themes include non-statutory areas of study that we feel are important for our children to engage in.


Within KS1 and KS2 phonics is taught using the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme.  This is supplemented with the ‘Read Write inc’ scheme.

Intervention programmes are delivered using 1st Class at Writing 1 & 2 and 1st Class at Number 1& 2.  Within KS2 teachers also use Rapid Phonics delivered using the Pearson education.

All pupils are assessed annually using Standard Tasks of Assessment and teacher assessment at the end of both Key Stages.

As literacy and numeracy may be regarded as the keys to educational progress, they assume an important place in our day’s work. However, opportunities are readily available for the children to express their thoughts and emotions through art, craft and technology, dance, music and drama.

We believe that healthy children achieve well at school and we support the National Healthy Schools programme. Our children are taught about Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship education (PSHCE). The themes, content depending upon year group, include sex and relationships education, drug education (including alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse). Healthy eating is taught and encouraged through cross- curricular study units and of course through our school meals, morning fruit snack.
The importance of daily exercise is promoted through PE, Games and our outdoor playtime provision. Emotional health and well being is taught through PSHCE activities including school aims, values, anti-bullying and our rewards systems and celebrations assemblies. Visitors to school enrich all the above aspects and enable us to maintain our status as a ‘Healthy School.  For any other information regarding the school’s curriculum, intervention programmes or delivery of phonics please contact the school Head Teacher.

Foundation Stage Long Term Plan 2017 - 2018

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