Sports Funding

Sports Premium Strategy

Sports Premium 2019/20

East Ayton Primary School received a Sports Premium grant of £17,700 for the academic year 2019/20.

This is how the allocation will be spent:

Provision of a Sports Coach


£8,100 / year


In reviewing the impact of spending last year, it was felt that employing a Sports Coach had a positive impact on the development of sport at East Ayton. The knowledge, skills and experience of the coach enhances and supports the delivery of the PE curriculum making it even higher quality.

Expertise is offered in areas of the curriculum which had previously been less developed – gymnastics, dance, athletics, etc. The use of a Sports Coach also continues to expand the range of additional after-school opportunities for our children.

Contribution to the employment of an NQT with PE specialism




In employing an NQT with PE expertise, we are continuing to raise the profile of PE in school. One day every week he will support the delivery of the PE curriculum across the age ranges.

He will co-ordinate school’s participation in sporting events in the local area. He will expand after-school opportunities through offering a wider range of sports – table tennis, short tennis, etc.

Support for swimming




Enabling all children in school to access trained swimming instruction. Costs will include pool hire, a qualified swimming instructor and transport.

Making improvements sustainable

The Sports Coach and the NQT work closely together between themselves and with staff members on the delivery of the PE curriculum so expertise is shared.

Progress in the delivery of high quality PE teaching has accelerated through the employing of a regular staff member who is in school throughout the week, who can support staff members and co-ordinate participation in sporting events.

Previously, much of this supporting and co-ordinating role had been done by the coach, who is only in school one day a week.

Sports Premium 2018/19

East Ayton Primary School received a Sports Premium grant of £17,700 for the academic year 2018/19.

This is how the allocation was spent:

Provision of a Sports Coach

The Sports Premium grant was spent employing a Sports Coach for 1.5 days/week at a cost of £1,230/month; £14,760/year. The Coach delivered additional PE teaching to all classes in school. During the additional half day he worked he focused on the outdoor and adventurous activity aspect of the PE curriculum, incorporating our Forest Schools area and opportunities offered by our proximity to Forge Valley.


The Sports Coach also expanded the range of after-school activities we were able to offer by providing a gymnastics club and athletics club.


We reviewed our swimming provision in school paying particular attention to two factors; firstly, the location of the school on the periphery of a busy coastal town; secondly, the number of children in school who either couldn’t swim or were not confident swimmers.

It was decided that rather than just focusing on one year group each year, typically Year 3, all children should have the opportunity for swimming instruction. The remainder of the Sports Premium was spent on the hire of a local swimming pool, swimming instructor and transport.

The effect of the Sports Premium on pupils

Sports Coach

All children in school benefit from the Sports Premium spending because the Coach works with all classes. In addition, the Coach runs a variety of sports clubs at lunchtime and at the end of the day; depending on the time of year. This includes tag rugby, athletics and gymnastics.

During the academic year 2018/19, East Ayton finished first in the Scarborough and District schools competition. East Ayton were one of only two Scarborough schools who won a place at the North Yorkshire Games, taking part in athletics events.

How we make the improvement sustainable

When the sports coach is teaching staff, members are able to watch and add to their own knowledge and ability, enhancing the capacity of school to deliver high quality PE teaching.