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Welcome to East Ayton Community Primary School. We hope that our website will give you some insight into the life in our school and the activities that happen here.

We like to think of our school as a family, one in which every child matters and is deserving of individual consideration. This basic philosophy underlies all our work at East Ayton Primary School.

Our school is both caring and well cared for. We believe that it is within this relaxed and happy atmosphere that children thrive, learn, work and grow together, each showing consideration for others. By offering children values of life and high standards of behaviour we hope to influence their attitudes towards our local community and the wider world through personal involvement.

As a staff we constantly encourage qualities of honesty, kindness and fair play. The influence of this philosophy is felt throughout our school and although our morning assembly may provide a focus, its significance is reflected in all the children’s academic, creative and social activities.

In acknowledging that every child is a unique person, we aim to ensure that each child reaches his or her fullest potential and that their own special gifts and creative talents are encouraged and developed to the full.

East Ayton Primary School vision statement:

We want our children to be happy and confident, to be thoughtful and caring. We have high expectations of learning and behaviour. We aim to provide a curriculum which develops the whole child, which motivates, stimulates and challenges, and we want our children to have the confidence to meet those challenges. Our children are seen as individuals, each with their own strengths and interests; we want them to have opportunities to explore and to realise their potential. We see our school as an important part of the local community, we want our children to value that community and to be valuable members of it. We want to develop a life-long love of learning in all our children.


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Latest News

  • Sporting Excellence

    Once again East Ayton Primary have demonstrated sporting excellence.  The school has received the Gold Standard Sports mark for participation in sport.  Many thanks to Mr Ellis for all his hard work in ensuring the school is represented in numerous sporting events throughout the year.