Class 6

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Teacher: Mr McCarthy

Welcome to Year 6

Below is information for Class 6. I'm looking forward to an interesting, fun and exciting year in class.

Mr McCarthy

Curriculum Overview

Term Plans

Topic Themes

Year 6 will cover several themes throughout the year:

Autumn 1 – World War 1
Autumn 2 – World War 2

Spring 1 – London & Macbeth
Spring 2 – Natural Disasters

Summer 1 – The Shang Dynasty
Summer 2 – The Shang Dynasty

These themes will include all foundation subjects to ensure pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum.

Theme Updates

Autumn Term 2019

During the autumn term we explored both World War One and World War Two through two Michael Morpurgo stories: Private Peaceful and Friend or Foe.

WW1: We discovered how the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the spark that ignited the conflict and we researched how technology progressed throughout the war. We also learnt about what life was like in the trenches on the front line.

WW2: We learnt how the Treaty of Versailles created a climate for the Nazi party to rise to power and we also researched The Blitz, the role of women and rationing.

Spring Term 2020

This term Class 6 will step into the dark and mysterious world of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. We will learn about his character, ambition and eventual downfall.

Class 6 will also learn about many iconic landmarks and famous events that have happened in London in preparation for their residential visit.

These include: The Tower of London, the Great Fire of London, the Plague, the Globe Theatre and the Houses of Parliament.


Year 6 P.E. lessons are taught on a Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.


Spelling homework will be sent home in the Spelling Journal on a Wednesday to be returned by the next Monday.

Your child will also receive a Guided Reading book/text which they will be able to take home. Guided Reading homework will be set on Friday to be completed by the following Monday.

It is the expectation that your child’s reading record will be signed three times a week. This is to ensure that they are regularly engaging with texts and building their reading stamina.