Class 2

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Teacher: Mr Dente

Welcome to Year 2

The children have settled very well and we’ve been doing lots of great learning. I do hope they have been enjoying themselves.

The purpose of this page is to outline some of the key topics that we are learning about over the academic year. As well as, hopefully, answering any questions that you may have about the day-to-day school life but not had chance to talk to me about.

If you do have any questions, I’m always available for a chat before or after school – just come to the office, if it’s in the morning, or you can catch me outside when you’re picking up your child.

I'd be grateful if you have arranged for someone else to pick up your child or they are going with another parent, please could you either let me know on a morning or give the office a call to confirm. Thank you.

Here’s to a fantastic year for the children!

Mr Dente

January 2020 update

During Spring term, Class 2 will be covering the following:

Topic – Exploring our wonderful World!

In Topic, Class 2 will learn about the location of countries, continents and oceans of the world in relation to the position of the United Kingdom and East Ayton. Children will develop global awareness by looking in detail at the position of the seven continents and five oceans of the world, understanding that the world is spherical and creating their own journeys across the world.


In this topic the children will learn all about Explorers. We will use the film 'Up' to introduce the themes of adventure and exploration and to plan, write and edit their own adventure stories, persuasive writing to find an adventurer, writing instructions from non-fiction texts and writing about events of real-life adventurers.


During Guided Reading, Topic and English lessons this half term, the children will focus on using books based on the main term theme: Exploring our Wonderful World. This will include looking at non-fiction information books, such as biographies of famous explorers, maps and atlases, as well as fiction books and stories of adventure

Science – The Environment

Children undertake a range of activities that challenge them to engage with environmental issues and to understand the simple changes we can make to live more sustainable lives. Throughout the unit, learning is closely focused on the Working Scientifically strand of objectives, providing a range of opportunities for children to apply practical scientific methods and skills.


In DT, children will develop their understanding of mechanisms by exploring Traditional Tales, learning how sections of the stories can be made into a moving picture. Following instructions on how to make different types of mechanisms, such as levers, wheels and sliders, gives children experience and information to draw on when developing their own ideas. They sketch a design based on their ideas and then create their moving picture centred on the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’


During Spring term, Class 2 will be covering the following:

Calculations: multiplication and division.
Geometry: properties of 3D shapes.
Measurement: time.
Fractions: halves, quarters, thirds.
Statistics: Picture graphs / data.
Word problems: Solve problems involving multiplication and division, and addition and subtraction.

Curriculum Overview

Highlighted Learning

Term Plans


This year, P.E. is on Wednesdays with Mr Dente and Fridays with Mr Ellis.


Spellings will be given out weekly on a Tuesday. These will then be checked the following Tuesday at school, with new words given accordingly.

Home Reading

Your child will have the chance to change their home reading book once a week, on a Thursday. It would be great if you could read with your child every night and, if possible, write some notes in their reading record. It could be just a small note to say your child is reading well or if there is a word or sound they are struggling with. Thank you so much in advance.

As you may have seen, we have new home reading records this year – unfortunately, there will be a £2 charge if the records are lost, as the school will have to buy new ones to replace them.