Class 5

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Teachers: Mrs Morris & Miss Ticehurst

Welcome to Year 5

We are looking forward to this year and it is our aim to encourage your child to have a thirst for learning whilst making their time in our class as fun and as engaging as possible! Year 5 is a fantastic year and we hope that they continue to develop their independence and immerse themselves in our different topics.  If you or your child have any questions or worries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Morris & Miss Ticehurst

Topic Plans

Year 5 will cover several themes throughout the year:

Autumn 1 – To Infinity and Beyond
Autumn 2 – Harry Potter

Spring 1 – Egyptians
Spring 2 – Deadly 60

Summer 1 – Island Survival
Summer 2 – Festivals

These themes will include all foundation subjects to ensure pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum.
Theme Updates


Curriculum Overview

Term Plans


Year 5 have their P.E. days on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Please ensure that their P.E. kit is in school on these days.


Throughout the year there will be different themes we will be looking at or going through and opportunities for home learning based around these topics.  Homework will also be sent home each Friday, to be completed for the following Thursday, in your child’s homework book.


As a school we are trying to encourage more and more children to read on their own because they want to read, not because they have to. Reading at home as well as at school should hopefully encourage your child to do this and be a successful reader. We encourage your child to read at home at least three times a week. At home please use the reading record provided for your child, recording any comments you wish to in the sections provided and also sign and date it.

Times Tables

It is vital your child knows their times tables or that they are practising them up to at least 12 x 12. As your child will soon be heading into their final year, where they will be doing their SATS, it is really important that they are keeping on top of them at home as it will put them at a huge advantage.


Your child will be given a spelling journal to be used throughout the year. Children are expected to learn certain spelling patterns and practise them in order to encourage independence and the ability to include these words in their writing.  We will have a weekly spelling test each Friday which will also include focused learning on specific spelling patterns.  Please ensure that your child practices their spellings regularly.