Class 5

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Teacher: Miss Ackroyd

Welcome to Year 5

This year it is my aim to encourage your child to have a thirst for learning and I hope to make it as fun and as engaging as possible. I hope your child continues to seek and develop their own independence for learning, like they have been doing through school, which will hopefully last them a lifetime.

Year 5 is a fantastic year and has many opportunities for your child to immerse themselves in learning. I really believe by the end of the academic year your child will have many things to celebrate and reflect on.

Curriculum Overview

Term Plans

Topic Themes

Theme Updates

Autumn Term 2019

During the Autumn term we explored The Victorians. We researched Charles Dickens and followed some of his stories including Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol. We also went into detail about Florence Nightingale's life and wrote a biography.

During the second half of the term we looked at advertisements and designed an advert for a Victorian Invention, which we designed and built.

We also went on a school trip to see Scarborough’s Victorian heritage, including the Grand Hotel and the Scarborough Spa.

Spring Term 2020

During the Spring term we will explore the Egyptians. In English we will write an information report (non-chronological) about who the Egyptians were. We will be looking at different Myths and Legends including some of the Egyptian Gods and will also be writing a diary entry of the discovery of an Ancient Tomb.

In our History lessons we will look at Pharaohs, Pyramids, Mummification and special artefacts the Egyptians had. In Geography we will be looking to do a River Study as the River Nile was such a big landmark for the Egyptians.

Hopefully we will be looking at doing a River Study at Forge Valley to link with our topic and also an Egyptian escape room in the school hall.


Year 5 have their P.E. days on Thursday and Friday. Please ensure that their P.E. kit is in school on these days.



As a school we are trying to encourage more and more children to read on their own because they want to read, not because they have to. Reading at home as well as at school should hopefully encourage your child to do this and be a successful reader. We encourage your child to read at home at least three times a week. At home please use the reading record provided for your child, recording any comments you wish to in the sections provided and please sign and date it.

Times Tables

I cannot stress enough the importance of times tables in maths as it links to more or less every aspect we will be covering throughout the year. It is vital your child knows their times tables or they are practising them up to at least 12 x 12. As your child will soon be heading into their final year, where they will be doing their SATS, it is really important that they are keeping on top of them at home as it will put them at a huge advantage.


Your child will be given a spelling journal to be used throughout the year. Children are expected to learn certain spelling patterns and practise them in order to encourage independence and the ability to include these words in their writing.

Topic Homework

Throughout the year there will be different themes we will be looking at or going through. The theme for Autumn 2019 is Victorians, Spring 2020 is Ancient Egypt and finally Summer 2020 is Lights Camera Action. We will be looking at things like fashion through the ages, film, television and photography, etc. I am really looking forward to what is planned, especially after seeing the Year 4 Viking day, where everyone dressed as Vikings and had a fantastic themed day!