Class 2

What Have We Been Up To?

It’s September and the new Class 2 are meeting the snails.

All of the children were brave enough to either hold a snail or stroke the shell.

Crossing the road is a serious business and Mandy and Jackie, from the Scarborough and Whitby Road Safety Team, came to school to help us learn...

...a bit more about the Green Cross Code as part of our class history topic on transport. We found out about the safe places to cross a road: over a

footbridge, through a subway, at a zebra crossing, at a pelican or toucan crossing, with a lollipop man or woman or using a traffic island are

some of the places we know are safe. We all practised using a zebra crossing and a pelican crossing.

On Tuesday 8th November Class 2 set off early from school to visit the National Railway Museum in York. The sun was out and our spirits were up!

We found out about ‘The Father of the Railways’ – George Stephenson, his son Robert and his friend Henry Booth. These men changed history

with their steam powered engine ‘Rocket’.