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Class 1 visited Ryedale Folk Museum to learn about homes and schools in the past.  We had a very busy day!  School was very strict.  We used ink pens and slates and had to keep  our hands clean.

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There were lots of chores to do in the white cottage.  We liked making toast on the range the best.  Our class owl Baggy showed us what we needed to use if there was not toilet inside the house!  A chamber pot or  guzunder ‘goes under’ the bed.

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The hardest job was the wash house.  Washing clothes was very hard work!  We had to pump water and we needed to work as a team to wash and scrub.   Luckily we were so helpful we were allowed to have a playtime.  We all played with toys from long ago,

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Here we are on one of of trips to the Fewster family farm.

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Class 1 had lots of fun at Mr and Mrs Fewster’s small-holding in West Ayton.

We took care of the animals and worked as a team to create  a bug hotel.