Letter from Chair of Governors – 30/04

Dear Parent/Carers

I was hoping that by now we would be welcoming your children back to school but it doesn’t look likely that that will be happening for some time yet. I am sure that you are all finding the current situation as surreal/challenging and strange as me and no doubt your children are too.

As a school we are working hard to try and make your life easier and have put on the website, worksheets from each of the class teachers giving suggestions as to what your child could focus on during this time at home. These will be updated weekly and can be found at https://eastayton.n-yorks.sch.uk/weekly-learning-activities/

There are lots of other online resources too. Learning at home under these circumstances can never replicate the experience of being at school and we feel that these worksheets will give your children some guidance as to what they can do at home without being overwhelming to them or you. We are very aware that life is challenging at the moment and we do not want to add to this.

Until we have clear guidelines from the government and county, we are unsure how school will be re-opening. However, we are working hard to make sure that all the children and staff will be safe when we do so, and that there is lots of exciting new projects for the children to work on.

Take care,
Samantha Hay

I would be most grateful if you give the following message for your children to read, or for you to read it to them.

Dear Children,

One of the highlights of being a School Governor is spending time with all of you, whether that means attending a special assembly, sitting in a lesson with you or even better, having Christmas Dinner with you. I am missing seeing all your faces very much but I know that being at home is the safest place for you. I am sure you have been doing some school work at home and your teacher will now be putting a worksheet on the school’s website every week so that you will know what topics you can look at. I know that when you come back to school, your teachers will be thrilled to look at the work you have done.

Being kind is more important that ever and I am sure you have been seeing some of the really kind things that people have been doing around the country. Kindness is one of our most important values at East Ayton School and I am always really proud of how kind you all are to each other. Before the school closed, the governors had decided to create a KINDNESS AWARD, that would be awarded at the end of every school year. We will make sure that this happens when we get back to school. In the meantime, I have a project for you. Can you please make a note of kind things you do in your house, or kind acts you see other people doing. Maybe you have made someone a cake or you have seen someone on TV raise lots of money for charity. I thought it would be lovely to have a big display of this when we get back to school. We will have a display called the RAINBOW OF KINDNESS for all the school to see. Keep your notes in a special place and bring them to school with you when we get back together and there will be a really lovely display for us all to enjoy.

I hope I can see you soon but keep smiling and keep your notes of kindness ready to bring to school.

Take care,
Mrs Hay

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