Newsletter – February 2020

School website

Our new school website is now up and running. Thank you to Digital Zest for all their hard work in creating the new site. A particular thank you to Greg Harper, one of our parents and Governors, for all the time he has dedicated to populating and updating the information on the website. New items are being added regularly so keep checking in.

London Week

On Monday our Year 6 children head off to London for four days. Fingers crossed for good weather! The visit will mean some changes in school. Mr Dente’s class will be taught by Miss Ackroyd, who was teaching in school last week. Year 6 children who are not going to London will be taught by Miss Barker, who regularly teaches in the class.

Enterprise Afternoon

Next Wednesday, 12th February, children in Years 4 and 5 are having an Enterprise Afternoon between 3.20pm and 4.30pm in the school hall. The children have been taking part in a ‘Grow a Pound’ project, which has involved them using £1 each to invest in something that they can make or sell. The children have produced toys, games, cakes etc., and I’m sure they would very much appreciate it if you helped them make a profit!

World Book Day

World Book Day is Thursday 5th March but we are moving our celebration to the following day, Friday 6th March. We are having to do this because we have a number of children taking place in gymnastics competition on the 5th and they, along with some staff, will not be in school. For World Book Day this year we are not asking the children to dress up – we will be asking them to design a t-shirt showing a favourite book or book character. Once they are happy with their design they will use fabric pens to draw it onto a white t-shirt, which they can then wear. We will give more details about the activity nearer the day.


Year 4 children will have one more swimming session on Wednesday 26th February to replace the one cancelled by Braeburn this week. Year 5 children will begin their five sessions on Wednesday 4th March.

Friends of East Ayton Primary School

Thank you to all those parents who attended the January meeting of the Friends. The February meeting will take place tomorrow, Friday 7th February, at 2.45pm. All welcome.

Half term

Just a reminder that school closes on Friday 14th February for half term and re-opens on Monday 24th February.

Thank you.

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